15802489 W/ PROGRAMMING Chevrolet Colorado BCM BCU Body Control Module

Compatible with: 2005 / 2006 Chevrolet Colorado


May fit Hummer H3 or GMC Canyon


OEM Part Number: 15802489


Plug and Play replacement BCM with programming service included.
BCM's require programming to match VIN, mileage and security data.
You must send us your original BCM, we will transfer the data to the replacement unit.


We will transfer your VIN and mileage. 
We will send the replacement BCM programmed to
your vehicle, using your original BCM's data. 
We guarantee you will receive the exact part number listed.
Allowing us to transfer the data to your replacement will save you hundreds avoiding costly dealer programming.
"Why do I need programming?"
Installing a used replacement without programming will alter your mileage and your VIN will not match, causing other
modules such as your radio to no longer work.
Once a used BCM is installed WITHOUT programming, higher mileage may show on the cluster and will not readjust to original
mileage without additional cluster programming. Even if you re-install your original BCM, the mileage will not go back to it's original value.
It's best to have your replacement programmed to match your original to avoid additional and costly programming.


Some units may have a 6 day handling time.



After completing the purchase please send your unit with the name used to place the order to


Module Mechanics 

463688 State Road 200

STE 1-210

Yulee, FL 32097

15802489 W/ PROGRAMMING Chevrolet Colorado BCM BCU Body Control Module

  • Q. How long is the warranty?

    A. You will have a 2 year free replacement warranty starting from the date of purchase. If you ever have any issues please do not hesitate to reach out. Always here to help!


    Q. Do I provide my VIN for programming?

    A. No. The VIN is not programmed anywhere in the ECU. Your VIN will not be necessary.


    Q. Will My VIN be altered?

    A. No. The VIN is not programmed to the ECU and will not be altered in any way. You will not have any problems at emissions.


    Q. Will this fix my blinking security light?

    A. Yes. The blinking light is caused by the ECU not recognizing the key. Our replacement ECU's with paired keys will solve this issue.


    Q. What's the ECU's condition?

    A. Each unit is a tested, pre-owned OEM replacement.

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